How our lovely Cathedral benefits property for sale in Chichester

Whilst any city by definition must boast a cathedral, there are few better than Chichester’s when it comes to the influence they exert on the city itself.

Any property for sale in Chichester will benefit from the charm and presence of its stately cathedral, and despite the city’s modest size it has a building of historic significance to be proud of. Recent research has shown that property within a 5 km radius of a cathedral will command a premium over surrounding areas and taking a look at Chichester’s famous landmark, it’s easy to see why.

Letting agents warn tenants to be vigilant against identity theft

The staff of Hancock Lettings and Estate Agents say that whilst they are still seeing strong demand forproperty to rent in Chichester, they want to warn tenants of the risks associated with failing to arrange for their mail to be re-directed correctly.

Protection advice from Royal Mail and NLA

The Royal Mail and the National Landlords Association (NLA) are urging tenants across the country to update their address details or to arrange for a redirection service when they move to help protect themselves against fraud and identity theft.

A recent survey carried out by the NLA found that 10% of landlords questioned had received sensitive personal information such as bank statements, payslips, cheque books, utility bills and even passports after the tenants had moved out.

Identity theft on the rise

With anything up to a quarter of tenants spending less than a year in a property it is easy to see how many people forget to inform banks or employers of the change in their contact details. However as we are all too aware from the media, the incidence of identity theft is on the rise and there is no point making it any easier for the fraudsters by handing them sensitive information about yourself on a platter.

Estate Agents Offer You the Gift of the Best Wine around Chichester

( ) - Founded in 2007, The Tinwood Estate has quickly established a reputation as one of England’s finest wine producers. Set in the heart of West Sussex and just below the South Downs National Park, the Tinwood Estate vineyards are known for producing some of the best rated English sparkling wines, including the Blanc de Blancs, The Estate Brut, and an excellent Rosé.

Of course, nothing beats the pleasure of ending the day with a delicious glass of Tinwood Estate’s finest wine. This is why we at Hancock Lettings and Estate Agents would like to give landlords and property vendors a break from their daily stress to enjoy a bottle of wine.

7 Key Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property to Rent in Chichester

( ) - Searching for one of the best houses to rent in Chichester can be exciting, and there are a few questions that you may need to ask in order to get the best home for your money, both now and in the future. Here are some of them:

Will the property be managed by the landlord or agent?

You will need to know who to contact and who to pay the rent money to. You will also want to know who is in charge of overseeing the maintenance and regular checks of your potential home.

How to Add More Value and Appeal to Houses for Sale in Chichester

( ) - When you're considering doing up your house or changing the décor, you need to consider whether your plans meet your family's needs. You might long for an en-suite bathroom, but really need an extra bedroom to accommodate your growing family. You also have to bear in mind your budget. But there's one other important factor that you should always bear in mind: whether your changes will add value to your home and improve its appeal to buyers looking at property for sale in Chichester. This is important even if you've no intention of putting your home on the market in the near future; plans can change and you might need to move away for work or family reasons.

One of the most sensible ways to add value to your home is by adding space. Property expert Phil Spencer believes that a loft conversion can add £40,000 to the value of a home, although this may depend on the area you live in.

Letting Agents Offer Advice to Landlords on Right to Rent Legislation

( ) - The Right to Rent Legislation officially took effect on February 1st 2016 for all landlords in England. This means that landlords and letting agents in the area need to conduct checks in relation to renewal of tenancy agreements. Hancock Lettings and Estate Agents is ready to provide assistance to landlords in Chichester and the surrounding areas in this matter. Contact us on 01243 531155 and ask for Samantha Flint, the associate partner at our agency for advice on Right to Rent.
According to the Right to Rent Legislation, landlords and Chichester letting agents will need to check the immigration status of prospective tenants before the tenancy commences. This is not only for shorthold tenancies, rather it applies to all residential tenancies with some limited exemptions for halls of residence, social housing etc.

Rising House Prices Mean More Houses for Sale in Chichester

( ) - Winter is usually a quiet time of year in terms of the buying and selling of houses, however, going against the normal patterns, the UK housing market continues to boom. This is excellent news for buyers, sellers and renters alike. We look at the effect on the housing market and in particular, the effect on houses for sale in Chichester.

Falling Mortgage Interest Rates

With mortgage interest rates continuing to fall, more and more people are finding it easier to get onto the housing ladder By the end of 2015 many of the banks and building societies had agreed to lend potential home owners a staggering £18bn in mortgages in December alone. Consumer credit was at the same high as it was in the summer, the highest in eight years.

Letting Agents Help Ease Effects of Buy-to-Let Tax Changes

( ) - Proposals by the UK government to deny private landlords tax relief on their buy-to-let mortgages have brought together property owners in the country to mount a legal challenge. Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper are two private investors who are at the forefront of the campaign. They used the Crowd Justice website to set up a page for crowdfunding for the challenge. The endeavour began on 26th Dec 2015 and by January 1st had raised £42,000. The target for the funding was 50,000.

The Challenge

The money from the crowdfunding is meant to fund a judicial review process of the new proposals by Chancellor George Osborne on property tax charges. A judicial review means that there will be legal procedures to analyse the legislation and the submission for this particular one by 17th February.